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Colors – Day 2

on September 26, 2012

I’d be lying if I said I was completely prepared for what was to unfold in the next three hours. Even though I had repeatedly gone over the “lesson plan” in my head, it didn’t take long for me to realize I’d have to abandon most of it:(

My abilities as a single-child mommy was pushed to its limits….and my OCD/detailed/squeeky clean tendencies would have to be ignored. Watching/teaching four kids at once is a walk in the park for my sister-in-laws, but for me, I was about to enter uncharted waters!

The first thing the Chicks see when they arrive is the check-in board. To show “Whoo’s Here”, they had to find their picture on the wall, then stick it next to the matching photo on the whiteboard.

The other 3 Chicks arrived at the same time so check-in got a little crowded and it didn’t take long for the water works to start (my Tank sprung a leak first).  Notice how well dressed the Chicks are?  Going against my “no patterns, no clashing color, no purple” wardrobe rule of thumb, I asked the Chicks to dress it the most colors they could:)

Before opening circle, we had free play with some toys.  We regrouped to say an opening prayer and pointed out some colors we could see in our clothes.  Uncle KC read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See” written by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle.  He then read “Colors”, a touch and feel book which lead to each Chick pushing over the other to get a closer look.

Our first activity was creating a rainbow.  Labeled with colored paint brush printables I found online, I gave each Chick a rainbow to decorate.  Uniqua was content with just one swipe of each crayon, while Hal took her time and colored in as much as she could.  Finally, they had to find 3 felt flowers that matched the colors of their rainbow and use glue to place them.

I switched out the crayons with markers and had the Chicks decorate a dino wood cutout (I hotglued a magnet on the back).  Again, Hal worked very tediously and made sure every inch of her dino was colored in:)  I noticed Pooh Bear prefered the markers and worked harder when she noticed Hal’s coloring techniques.

After art, we had a little playtime together and tried pointing out the different colors in the toys they played with.

While they snacked on goldfish and tuna on crackers, I played an episode of Blue’s Clues that showed Steve painting and mixing the paint to create new colors.  I failed to keep track of the time so I wasn’t able to do a closing circle before the other Mommies arrived.  I hope they all had a great, first playschool at Aunty Kyra’s:)


One response to “Colors – Day 2

  1. Kailani says:

    Kyra, you have to tag yourself in the blog. You give us too much credit. My days are much more chaotic.

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