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Theme: Our Body Day 1

on October 1, 2012

Today is my first day as “teacher.”  With a background in early childhood education, I’m usually over-the-top excited about this kind of stuff.  So much so that it can be annyoing.  Unfortunately, being in the middle of yucky morning sickness curbs the enthusiasm a bit.

Here’s Uniqua…her enthusiasm was definitely over the top as she impatiently waited for the chicks to arrive.

The chicks sign in by finding their picture and their name plate.  They match it up with the name on the board.  To protect privacy, I’ve blotted out their REAL names.  As the days go, I’ll have a better set up and we won’t be “signing in” on the ottoman 🙂

After an opening song and morning prayer, we go through our morning routine of singing songs and reading books.  I also integrate letter recognition as it comes up with the reading.  We also include the weather because I love singing the weather song.  Only one chick actually reports the weather, but they all get to see what the weather is.  I love this picture of them checking to see if it really is, “sunny.”

Hal is our temperature reporter and places the arrow.

Since our theme is, “Our Bodies, we wasted no time getting into the “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” song.

After reading about our bodies and identifying body parts on each other, it was time for my break free-play.

The beauty of being a little chick is that you get to stop at a moments notice to tend to something very important…like watching the garbage truck!

When we did “Boys Club” with three of our now six year old boys, my sister reminded me that we called it “Fight Club” for the first few weeks.  I believe this is an “I’m sorry” hug.  We had a few mini-brawls and Monday morning tears, but they are starting to get the hang of it.

After being married, I am a big believer that food keeps people happy.  We had a snack after an hour and it totally works!  Happy chicks all around.  We sang and read some more and then we did our “face parts.”  The chicks had fun making faces with these pieces I just cut out from felt.  The selection of felt was pretty meager at the store and I didn’t get all the wonderful skin colors I wanted.

Tank is pretty happy about her face.  I am too 🙂

I took pictures of the chicks and their body parts.  I am making a book for each of them that shows all of their body parts.  I’ll show that once it’s done.  After a healthy lunch (and I was thrilled that they ate so much), I gave them stickers and had them place them on the part of their body that I told them to.  They were colored stickers, so it was a simple integration of color recognition.  For example, “Put a red sticker on your cheek.”

After that, we had a closing song and prayer and the chicks went home to sleep!

It was a great day despite feeling yucky and I’m so happy to be doing this again!



5 responses to “Theme: Our Body Day 1

  1. sharearead says:

    congrats on making it through a day—and blogging to boot! Welcome back to civilization.
    Really cleaver stuff.

  2. beth says:

    maybe a no-paci rule as a lesson on independence?

  3. ontai says:

    I do tell her no paci’s at Girls Club, when I remember to. I do put it in her bag though, for emergencies.

  4. […] here we go to health and nutrition.  We started off re-visiting our lesson about our body and how important it was to exercise AND eat healthy.  They remembered and we did some exercises. […]

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