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Theme: Our Body Day 2

on October 3, 2012

I started the day with a body part game.  I had a bowl with pictures of different body parts and assigned each chick to a partner.  They each had a turn to pick a body part and had to touch that part to their partners same body part.  Some one picked nose and they had to touch noses to each other, and so on.  My oldest was home on Fall Break so she joined us.  The chicks weren’t as excited about the game as I was.  I thought it would be so cute and fun.  The Tank enjoyed it and MyFunGirl did too.  The others shook their heads and just wanted to pick papers from the bowl.

We sang the Hawaiian Body Parts song and I read “Where is Baby” by Karen Katz.  They each got a turn to lift the flaps and show me their own body part that was under the flap in the book.

A few days ago, my girls wanted to paint so I gave them paper but they ended up with it all over their bodies.  I thought that the chicks would like that so I had them come in grubbies  or opt to take off their clothes.  I took out the bowl of pictures and they picked a body part to paint.

After picking 2 body parts they were over it and wanted the paint off?!  So I got them paper instead.

For free play I meant to put out the doctor kit but they were only interested in playing dress up, so I didn’t bother.  My Pooh bear seems to have a hard time with everyone using all her stuff.  (I have 3 girls of my own so we have a LOT of princess/dress up everything!) I love Hal in this one!

For lunch we had tuna sandwiches cut into a body with a gingerbread man cookie cutter.  We also had watermelon and goldfish.


2 responses to “Theme: Our Body Day 2

  1. I love it all!!! Especially the body painting.

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