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Theme: Health & Nutrition Day 1

on October 8, 2012

Promoting healthy eating is a bit tricky with this group.  After all, Pooh Bear’s mom, Corie is a pastry chef!  When I have a chocolate craving, I call her.  She always has something on hand.  When Uniqua sees Corie at church, there’s no, “hello,” she just looks for “the bag.”  The one with all the treats.

We are generally healthy in our home, especially since my husband is a health nut, but I LOVE my sweets and junk.  I just have to sneak.

So here we go to health and nutrition.  We started off re-visiting our lesson about our body and how important it was to exercise AND eat healthy.  They remembered the lesson and we did some exercises.  Here’s an action shot of jumping jacks.

After their “work out,” we talked about how important it was to drink lots of water and we had a drink.  If you see random kids in the pictures, my kids were home from school today, so I had some extra helpers.

We talked more about healthy eating and I filled up the shopping cart with a variety of foods.  They had to sort the foods as “healthy” or “unhealthy.”  I think Pooh Bear and her sister were a little taken back at the concept that cookies fall into the unhealthy (bad) category.  I’m sure their mom will set things straight when they get home.

Later, we made a healthy smoothie.  We make smoothies almost every day in my house and we just use what we have.  You never know what you’re gonna get, but it always comes out tasting great.  I give most of the credit to Vitamix which I LOVE!  We used frozen fruit, prunes (great sweetener), spinach (the Vitamix grinds it up so small the kids can’t even taste it), carrots, powdered milk (it’s much cheaper than using regular milk which runs $5 a gallon in Hawai’i), and bananas.  Don’t let the color of those banana peels scare you.  They were just fine on the inside.

The chicks (and helpers) took turns loading up the blender.

Here’s how it looked when we were done blending it.

They loved it!  It was a great day and since I had help, they had a picnic outside.

For the final activity, I put a variety of snacks out and they made their own snack mix to take home.

I don’t know about the other chicks, but Uniqua walked around with her snack mix until she ate it all.




5 responses to “Theme: Health & Nutrition Day 1

  1. sharearead says:

    Plenty work! You had a gang that day. Thanks for posting all your days.

  2. beth says:

    i would love a food-themed lesson too!

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