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Theme: Health and Nutrition Day 3

on October 12, 2012

My background is in health and wellness so I was very excited about this theme.  Bonus, I wanted to get into the garden with the chicks. We’re into our third week so the routine is getting a little better.  I usually have the girls start at the table and draw while we’re waiting for everyone to arrive.  Then to the carpet for our “circle time.”  Tank likes to take the lead.  The girls were very receptive. It was really cute.

I promise, my photography skills will improve.  Now that I’m seeing these, I’ll be sure to close my closets too.  We talked about what they learned with the other aunties.  I went over the rules of the garden very carefully. I was very clear since Hal picked 2 of my tomatoes way before they were ready the day before.  Then out to the garden.   We looked at the green beans that were already growing.  We talked about the zucchini flowers that would grow into zucchini.  They let me know what they didn’t like.  We also talked about how to care for their vegetables.

We planted sugar snap peas and green beans around the edge of this square raised beds.  I’ll add a teepee shaped form for the vines to grow on.  If all goes well, we’ll have a teepee that they can go into.

We alternated peas and beans as a preview to next weeks patterns unit.

The silverado in the background was a little distraction…and a source of tears.

I don’t know about this blogging stuff.  I have to make sure all the backgrounds are neat and clean next time.  The girls worked hard so we took a break and had orange juice pops.

Apparently we worked really hard and needed to run through sprinklers in the front yard.  You’ve probably noticed our chicks’ think it’s a clothing optional school.

Of course we can’t resist the puddles.

Back inside for lunch.  As part of our lunch we made apple smiles.  We spread peanut butter onto two apple wedges (lips) and then sandwich marshmallow (teeth) between the two slices.  Smiles!

Sort of.

We found out Tank really doesn’t like peanut butter…really!!

Sorry Tank.  We’ll do Nutella next time.


3 responses to “Theme: Health and Nutrition Day 3

  1. Sheesh you guys got a lot done! I’m a pro at keeping backgrounds out of shots. At least your backgrounds are clean!

  2. I love how Uniqua is holding on to Hal for dear life!

  3. beth says:

    a food tank doesn’t like!

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