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Theme: Patterns DAY 1

on October 15, 2012

This week we are starting patterns.  It’s something that we can be incorporating into other themes too but we wanted to have kind of an introduction to it.

Ironically, we always have fights over who gets to say the prayer, so today I had a “prayer jar.”  In the container are 4 sticks each one has a chick’s name on it.  I did a heart on one end and a flower on the other, after the name is picked we flip the stick so we know who has already had a turn.  By the second pick The Tank figured out which one had her name on it and picked that one.  Smart girl!

For more consistency, I printed out a weather chart like Emmie and we checked the weather as part of our opening.  I have a container with 2 caterpillars (I found out the lizards eat them so I have to bring them into the house and keep them safe).  I used them as my intro to patterns.

We talked about patterns being everywhere and then to keep their attention, I made a pattern alternating a chocolate chip then a marshmallow.  I started it with 2 sets and then gave each chick a chance to guess/say what came next.  Then they all got to have marshmallows and chocolate chips.  I did that 2 more times during the day because it got them to participate, sugar is magic that way!

After a play break I brought them back to circle and I had 4 bags with different items for them to make a pattern with.  I had them each pick a bag and let them know that they would be able to trade if they wanted to, after they made a pattern with the things in the bag they picked.  Hal had gold coins and jewels left over from a pirate party.

Pooh bear had yellow hexagons and orange squares, we tried stacking them too like a sandwich but it wasn’t as effective because she couldn’t see the square under the hexagon.

Uniqua had princesses and blocks which was a bad choice on my part because it was more fun to stand the princesses on the blocks.

The Tank had purple and blue foam fish but she liked the pirate booty and Hal was willing to trade after they both had done a pattern with their original choices.Notice they turned into princesses?!

We looked at the caterpillars again and then I had them all paint a stripe pattern on a caterpillar.

It wasn’t much of a pattern but I did hear them saying “Pattern Power” when they were playing outside later!

And for lunch we had peanut butter and nutella sandwiches with patterned fruits.


One response to “Theme: Patterns DAY 1

  1. Pattern Power! Lol. I’m gonna steal your prayer jar idea.

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