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Theme: Patterns Day 2

on October 17, 2012

We read, “But Not The hippopotamus!” by one of our favorites, Sandra Boynton.

I didn’t even say anything about patterns in books, but they had a great time saying, “But not the hippopotamus” which occurs on every page.

Next, we I pulled out a book called, “I See Patterns.”  The chicks found patterns on every page.

One of the pages had a piano, and almost immediately they all pointed to the piano in the room.   I gave them a minute to pound on it and find the pattern.  The black and white picture is not an error.  It’s just a great way to hide the grungy-ness of the piano keys.

Right after that book, we talked about how we could make patterns in the room.  I suggested using the chairs.  They caught on and made a pattern using the kid recliners and the wooden chairs.  It’s hard to see the pattern in the picture, but I promise it’s there!  Since the reading chairs were all set up, they insisted on reading for a few minutes which is always a great idea.

After some free play, we played ring-around-the-rosie.

There are a million ways to find patterns with this…especially if you do it about a hundred times!  It was fun to watch and they were getting along.
It was a much happier scene than this one that occurred not too much earlier.

I pulled out some pictures of animals and we found patterns all over the place.  They really had it down.  I cut up strips of paper and had them choose to be a tiger or a lion.  I pre-cut the eyes and drew on the faces for these animal masks.  The girls took a little time to color it and then I showed them what a pattern would look like on their mask.

They did great!  I pointed out a few “two colors in a row” to them and they easily recognized that they needed the alternating color.  It wasn’t easy getting the strips to stay glued down, but they stuck with it and they came out great!  Here are their fabulous masks.

I’m working on a “Five Little Pumpkins” book for Halloween, so I had spent time taking lots of pictures.  They were totally over taking pictures at this point, so I’m glad there were animal masks to cover the faces of two-year-old irritation. (cheeeeese!)

Here’s a sneak peak of their pumpkin book.


2 responses to “Theme: Patterns Day 2

  1. beth says:

    the last one of tank reminds me of a buddha statue. 😀

  2. Kailani says:

    It’s always very obvious that you’re the one that studied early childhood education. Is it bad that we have so much fun with the crying pictures?

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