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Theme: Patterns Day 3

on October 19, 2012

With the chicks being only two years old, this unit was about introduction and exposure because we’ll be going back to it and incorporating patterns into many other lessons.  I started with the normal routine.  Then we went to the garden.  Their peas and beans have sprouted, so they could see the alternating pattern we made with the peas and the beans. (I was really bad about taking pictures today)  Then we went back inside and the chicks finished patterns I started with blocks.  Sometimes they got it and sometimes not so much.  This is Tank taking the leader role again.

I then gave them pink and yellow felt petals and asked them to copy the abab pattern I was making with my petals.  When they were done, I sewed a running stitch along the bottom and pulled the string until the petals pulled into a flower.  We glue gunned (is that a word?) the flowers to a clip.  Don’t look to closely.  I’m not a very crafty mama.

Sorry about Hal’s kissy lips.  Teenage sister and cousins.  Sometimes I can’t get her to take a normal picture.  And then there’s Uniqua who insists on funny faces.

Thank you Pooh.

Then we made banana bread.  It has nothing to do with patterns.  I just needed to use some bananas that were getting too ripe.

After lunch, it was time to go home.  It never seems like enough time, but any longer is too long for our chicks.  I wanted to paint patterns on their nails with nail polish.  We had a quick circle time to close it all up and we made patterns with clapping and stomping.


One response to “Theme: Patterns Day 3

  1. sharearead says:

    Cute little flowers! I love the clap and stomp, too.

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