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Pumpkins-Day 2

on October 24, 2012

Today was our first field trip.  I was excited, but I wasn’t quite sure how today would go.  4 chicks under age 3 and 1 adult.  The bus (my minivan) made the rounds and picked up the chicks one by one and we headed out to Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch.  Every year the farm opens to school groups to visit the farm to see how the crops are grown and pick a pumpkin so we decided to take the girls to check it out.  Thanks Aunty Corie for the wagon.  Poor Pooh Bear was getting squeezed by our chunkier chicks.

We decided to forgo the presentation.  I was pretty sure our chicks wouldn’t sit still long enough to learn about the differences in the 3 types of pumpkins.  We shot straight to the hay ride.

The tractor pulled us around the farm.  I showed the chicks the onions on the ground, the bananas on the trees, the corn on the stalks, and the pumpkins on the vines.

After the hayride we went into the field to pick our pumpkins.  Tank wanted this one, but her mom said only small ones.

She settled for this one.

This was Uniqua’s first choice.  I convinced her to put back the smashed one and pick a better one.  She was drawn to the ones with one flat side.

After all the pumpkins were in the wagon, we took a few more pictures.  Pooh was missing her mom a little and didn’t feel like taking pictures.

We had to take one with the sunflowers for Aunty Corie.

This was 4 chicks after spending the morning in the hot Ewa sun.  Lots of dry dirt that sticks to sweaty chicks.

All in all the day went smoother than I expected.  The biggest challenges of the day were getting in and out of the car and taking 4 two year old chicks to the bathroom in McDonald’s.  Why must they touch everything??!!


3 responses to “Pumpkins-Day 2

  1. You are a brave woman! I love all the pics. Lucky chicks!

  2. Thanks for the sunflowers! Pooh calls all pumpkins “pumpkin patch.”

  3. beth says:

    in the first pic, hal looks like her siblings. i love their pumpkin choices.

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