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Pumpkins-Day 3

on October 26, 2012



I was kind of dreading girls club today.  I was up all night with my stuffy 6 month old and I was soooo tired.  The morning started out kind of crazy getting my 4 year old to school and before I broke down I had to stop to say a prayer.  It totally worked! : )  Half the time I’m battling my baby, trying to read to the chicks and hold her and then doing “free play” brakes every time I have to nurse.  Baby fell asleep just before our opening circle and stayed down for a good hour!  So, on with our day.

We started out with a song and prayer and then did the weather song and checked the weather.  I read the book “Pumpkin Head.”   Then we made pumpkin heads.  I cut a few shapes out of black cardstock and put tape on the backs.  I was wanting to use funtack but couldn’t find any.  The tape worked fine though. 



The pictures pretty much explain it.  On the front cover of the book there is a person whose face is covered by a pumpkin so I tried to get them to hold their pumpkins up to their faces so they look like they have pumpkin heads. Hal got the idea!

Uniqua did pretty good too.


I think the other two are too used to having to take nice “cheese” pictures.


After that I showed them pumpkin puree and explained that it comes from inside the pumpkin.  I got it from a can but showed it to them in a bowl, I think if they saw it coming from a can that would be too confusing, it comes from a can not from a pumpkin!  Then we made Iced Pumpkin Cookies.  I love allrecipes.  I just looked up pumpkin cookies and this one had over 2000 reviews and almost 5 stars.  I changed the spices a little and used pumpkin pie spice in place of cloves and nutmeg  I don’t think kids like too many spices.  They had fun making cookies and taking turns adding ingredients.  They liked the cookies too!

I had seen (I think on Pinterest) jack o lantern quesadillas online and thought that would be a good pumpkin related lunch.  I was lazy to cut out the face shapes so I just used a food coloring pen and drew on a face.


One response to “Pumpkins-Day 3

  1. I love how they are always in dress-up at your house. It’s like you have them in uniform 🙂

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