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Animals-Day 3

on November 2, 2012

I’m not a big animal fan and I have a culinary arts degree, so we did animals we eat.  Just kidding, that would be disturbing.  I did zoo animals.  We read “Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo.”

As an opening activity I had each chick pick an animal and they took turns hiding their animal so another chick could find it.  Well that was what I had planned anyway.Image

It looks like Hal found a kangaroo but that’s the one she hid.  Two year olds like to hide things and then find them for you!

And here’s Pooh, finding the rabbit she hid.Image

They had free play for a while but started fighting so we had a snack, animal crackers, of course.

For free play I had animal puzzles and various animal figurines.  They decided they would rather play outside though.  They were being animals!


For singing time we sang slippery fish and 5 little monkeys teasing Mr crocodile (I fill in their names as each monkey gets snapped out of the tree.  They liked that.)  Aunty Kyra loaned us some pictures of farm animals so we sang Old MacDonald and they each got to hold up their animal as we sang, they enjoyed that too.

We made handprint animals for our activity, Tank insisted on painting her own hand.Image


I forgot to get a picture of the end product but the chick’s fingers are the animal legs and the thumb became the trunk.  Uniqua wanted a panda, I lack creativity so her poor panda had a long neck : ).

I had seen these on pinterest but didn’t get a chance to make them with the chicks so I had them pick an animal and I glued and sprayed them later.  Pooh chose a dinosaur.  They’re animals right?!



One response to “Animals-Day 3

  1. I love the pic of them in the playhouse. And you are brave to do black paint!

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