Play based learning 4 chicks 4 moms

Theme: Thanksgiving

on November 14, 2012

We took Monday off to honor our Veterans and we all had kids out of school too.

Today is day one of our Thanksgiving theme.

I started off with a few Thanksgiving books.  Most of them were a little dry in regards to the story, so we mainly just looked at the pictures and went picture walking.  They really liked this one though;  Thanksgiving Day by Anne Rockwell.

Next, I gave them a bunch of feathers to explore.

Chicks had fun tickling each other and themselves.

They made lots of observations and had fun watching them fall to the floor.

I had to put an end to that as half of the chicks couldn’t get back on the stool themselves and this pregnant belly was not about to keep picking up feathers or chicks and putting them back up.

Next, I gave them a small pack of Play-doh.

SIDE NOTE:  I found a great recipe for Play-doh that seemed easy, so I spent a few minutes making playdoh that didn’t work.  I think I messed up by adding boiling water to the recipe instead of actually putting it over the burner.  A few people from the post I got it from commented that just adding boiling water worked well…apparently not for me.  It didn’t go to waste though.  That afternoon I had my oldest daughter knead in A LOT more flour until it became a good consistency.  So, for Girls Club, I pulled out my store bought playdoh instead.

After they picked their Play-doh color, they spent some time mashing and squishing.  Eventually, they were to form a ball and stick feathers into the ball.  They quickly realized they were making a turkey.  I gave them some googley eyes and a star bead for the beak.  Where they placed everything was completely up to them.  They look so funny, but I thought they were cute.

Their turkeys sat on the counter throughout the day and served as a great place marker as we went back and forth between playing and the counter.  We didn’t have any fights about who was sitting where.  They just went right up to where their turkey was seated.  I think I need permanent place markers.

Later, we read some more and decided to get a little messy with paint.  I told them to go shirtless and in less than half a second, they were ready to go.  The rule here was that they had to use the tips of their fingers to paint dots so that it looked like kernels of corn.

My counters clean very easy, but I always put a layer of Saran Wrap when we do anything with red coloring.  I don’t care how “washable” it is, red anything just never comes out.

While I was taking care of clean up, they were busy doing this.  Tank was full of laughter on the bottom.  I promise she was safe.

Here’s what the chicks took home to help them celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s okay, you can laugh at the turkey.  I did.



4 responses to “Theme: Thanksgiving

  1. tmom says:

    I love the turkeys. Cute pics of the chics, too.

  2. beth says:

    the last turkey really did make me laugh.

  3. […] turkeys and more about pilgrims and Indians.  We revisited the Thanksgiving book from our first Thanksgiving day lesson.  Without wasting any time, we went right into making our hats.  Each chick did an Indian hat and […]

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