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Thanksgiving: Day 2

on November 16, 2012

I’m going to apologize in advance.  My pictures are horrible.  The lighting was bad and I didn’t take the time to adjust the settings.  I’m not very good at it anyway. With the chicks you have to snap quickly or you miss it and they don’t always give you another chance.  We started with our normal routine.  Then we talked about the first Thanksgiving…as much as they would let me.  Then we talked about what we are thankful for.  They had a lot to say once they got started.  Then we talked about how we show that  we are grateful to our Heavenly Father and others.  I helped them with this.  We talked about saying thank you and doing service for Heavenly Father.  This lead to our activity.  We were going to make pumpkin cupcakes (Aunty Corie’s Pumpkin roll in cupcake form) for Grandma.  They were fine with that once I confirmed that they would also get cupcakes.  I wanted to show them the process from scratch so I prepared the pumpkin before they came and then showed them the process.

First the pumpkin.  I know you didn’t need to see this, but Pooh looked cute, even all blurry.

I explained that I cut the pumpkin in half and scraped out all the seed and stringy stuff.  They wanted to do that part so we’ll have to try it another day.   Then I baked it till it was really soft.

Then I showed them how I scraped out the “meat” and blended it until it was smooth.  Then we made the cupcakes.  The chicks took turns adding the ingredients one by one.  We’re getting better at keeping everything in the bowl.  I had them smell the cinnamon and the cloves.  They really liked that.  Tank had to taste the sugar.  She couldn’t resist.

While the cupcakes were baking, we wrote a thank you letter for Grandma.  They were so cute.  They each came up with one thing to thank her for.  Grandma is the chicks’ great-grandma.  A feisty, 91 year old, Chinese woman whom we all love.  She’s the best cook.  She cooks with a lot of love…and butter.  She always has treats.  She gets away with sneaking candy and ice cream to the kids and saying anything she wants…”Oh, you cut your hair.  That’s OK yeah?  It’ll grow back.”  and other things.  She’s the best!!!

Back to the cupcakes.  I gave each of the chicks their own cupcake to frost and I frosted the rest.  There was more frosting going straight to their mouths than onto the cupcakes.

Just for the record, I did feed them lunch before they went to town on the cupcakes frosting.

After this, we wound down with a couple of stories and called it a day.  Hal’s daddy took this picture and we’ll use it because it makes me look like I have a little control.

We called it a day.  Tank lives with Grandma so Hal and Tank delivered the cupcakes and the note when we took Tank home.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving: Day 2

  1. I need to start attending GC at your house. You guys are always eating good stuff! You gave me a great idea for using my “unopened” pumpkin.

  2. beth says:

    i like how they all are grateful for grandma’s food.
    and i really like the urgency in pooh’s face w/ the frosting.

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