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Theme: Thanksgiving Day 3

on November 20, 2012

When us mamas make our Girls Club schedule, we divide everything evenly and then we swap days out depending on what days we need “off.”  Because I did some swapping out, I am teaching Thanksgiving twice.  We talked less about turkeys and more about pilgrims and Indians.  We revisited the Thanksgiving book from our first Thanksgiving day lesson.  Without wasting any time, we went right into making our hats.  Each chick did an Indian hat and they chose a pilgrim style (girl or boy).  They all went with the girl hat.  They referred to it as the, “Pilgrim Baby Hat” since the picture they saw was off a baby wearing the bonnet.

One trick I learned with this was to use hot glue.  It was so much faster than school glue and I didn’t have to deal with staples getting caught in their hair.  They loved placing their feathers in the “blob” of hot glue.  Hal put her feathers in the front, so they all followed. After a while, they ended up looking like flapper girls.  We talked about the Pilgrims sailing in the Mayflower and they took it upon themselves to fit into the laundry basket and pretend they were on a big ship.  I love that they made the connection.

After a break, we went outside to open up Uniqua’s pumpkin from the pumpkin patch that we never did carve.  I was a bit nervous about what the inside would look like, but it was perfect.

They had fun digging out the seeds and counting them as they put them in the plate.

This is as close as tank would get to putting her hands in the pumpkin. Tank’s mom Kyra easily earns the title of best house keeper in this group of moms.  She’s VERY organized and clean, so it’s no wonder that Tank is still warming up to getting dirty.  After enough time with us, she’ll be diving in soon enough.

They had a great time trying to fit the lid back on the pumpkin too.

For the final activity, I just brought out a sensory bin to buy me some time while I prepped lunch.

This is the first time I brought it out and they loved it.  Pooh Bear’s older sister joined us today, so we were short one set of tongs, but when one became available, she preferred running her hands through the beans.

They didn’t want to leave this activity when I called them for lunch.

They were really great about re-hiding all the toys.  We didn’t have any issues with beans all over the floor either.

Finally, the chicks ate lunch outside and rode bikes sporting their new Thanksgiving head gear.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One response to “Theme: Thanksgiving Day 3

  1. sharearead says:

    Cute and clever as always. These chicks hardly ever have clothes on!

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