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Trees: Day 1

on November 26, 2012

We decided trees would be a good sort of intro to Christmas without being too Christmasy.  For our opening we sang “popcorn popping” and “In the leafy tree tops.”  We did our opening prayer and weather check.  As a starting activity I got a basket of items and each chick got to take turns picking something out, and decide if it grew or came from a tree or not.

They did good.  The carrot was a little tricky.  I stayed away from processed things that come from trees like paper, wooden blocks or anything that might be confusing.

 I had drawn jack-‘o-lantern faces on clementine oranges for my preschoolers class for Halloween and I still had in my fridge.  (You can kind of see the eyes in the first pic.)  Hal said pumpkin when she picked the orange.  I explained it was an orange not a pumpkin, pumpkins grow on the ground (they knew that) and  oranges grow on trees.  So much for trying to avoid confusion!


We don’t have oak trees here but my mom had sent me some acorns, that wasn’t familiar to them so they were a little stumped on that one.  I did explain that acorns grow on oak trees, they are not called acorn trees, I only just learned that 3 years ago when my sister got married in California.  My baby was fussy so we took a play break.  I started getting out Christmas decorations so they had fun with Nativities and singing snowmen.  I turned on Christmas music and they started dancing.

After I got baby settled I read Mary Engelbreit’s Christmas ABC book.  It has a lot of trees in it so we pointed out all the trees.  It was a good way to talk about Christmas trees and trees as homes (there are cute mice and bird homes in the book).  One by one I had them order strips of paper from longest to shortest and glue it to make a tree.  

I underestimated them, the size ordering was easy peasy, gluing was a little harder so I decided this was a good fine motor activity!

For lunch we had Nutella and peanut butter graham cracker sandwiches with apples, pears and cranberries.






2 responses to “Trees: Day 1

  1. emmie says:

    I love the trees for lunch. No mention of the ring pops that Uniqua couldn’t stop talking about ;0

  2. beth says:

    my favorite part of play school is snack time.

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