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Nativity/Advent-Day 2

on December 5, 2012

I always have big ideas and have to tone them down when I realize I’m working with 2 and 3 year olds.  Today I didn’t care that I would be doing most of the projects for them, I was going to do them.  Hal’s dad was home today and he brought home doughnuts from Kamehameha Bakery, best on the island.  We had to start with that.IMG_5833

Then we got down to business.  They wanted to add accompaniment to our opening. Tank went for the guitar.


Since today’s theme was the Nativity, we started by talking about the Christmas story.  I showed them the video on lds.org.  I love these videos. The girls loved them too.  We talked a little more about it.  I wanted them to retell it.  I found this really cute Nativity printable on pinterest (where else). You can get to it here.  I printed up one for each of the chicks.  We used it to retell the story.  They did really well.  Everyone filled in what they knew.IMG_5840 IMG_5837 IMG_5855

By this time the chicks were ready for a snack and a break, so we took our snack and went for a walk around the neighborhood.IMG_5842 IMG_5844 IMG_5843

Tank kept taking off, until she saw one of these guys.IMG_5845

They’re everywhere.  After that she stayed really close.

Back to the house. I found this advent that I really wanted the chicks to have.  I love how the focus is on Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. With the help of Tank’s mom, we made our own. Not as cute as the original, but shipping to Hawai`i would have taken too long.  I made them before the chicks came and explained to them what to do.  In my house, the older kids often moved the Mary and Joseph before Hal even woke up.IMG_5851

After a quick lunch, we wrote our letters to Santa.  These were the ones from Macy’s.  For every letter dropped in their mailbox, Macy’s would donate a dollar to the make a wish foundation.



2 responses to “Nativity/Advent-Day 2

  1. sharearead says:

    So glad you’re catching up. Too cutr

  2. Love it all! Can’t wait to take them for walks.

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