Play based learning 4 chicks 4 moms

Nativity-Day 3

on December 7, 2012

I completely forgot to take pictures!

I started with our morning routine, including singing Jingle Bells. (I started with “dashing thru the snow” and they said “no, Jingle Bells” over and over till I got to the chorus.)  I read a simple board book, Christmas in the Manger, my girls got it a couple years ago from my mother-in-law.  It’s perfect.  Cute, short, and it has animals and baby Jesus.

For our opening activity I told them the story of His birth while they held up hand puppets, another great gift from my in-laws!  There are 8 puppets so each chick got to have one on each hand.  They liked that.


We have this princess folding chair the girls like.  Pooh drags it all over the house and she’ll sit in it and say, “I watching T.V.” no matter where she puts it (usually in the hallway or behind the couch).  Today Hal got the chair, sat in it and said, “I’m watching soccer.”  (Don’t mind the grubbiness of the chair.)  They were surprisingly willing to share and when Uniqua sat in the chair she said, “I’m watching basketball.”  I think her dad would be proud.  Finally, the Tank had a turn and she said, “I’m watching football.”  We don’t do sports like the other chicks do in their homes!


I was looking for a nativity memory game and debated making my own but it was late and I was tired so I just bought one online (I did a google search for nativity memory game and looked for an image I liked).  I was able to print it the next morning before the girls arrived.  IMG_3068We played one time and they I gave them each their own set to take home.  Lamination would have made it great but I don’t have one.  I think they still liked it anyway.


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