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Christmas-Day 2

on December 19, 2012



IMG_5909We started the day with our morning routine.  The girls wanted to sing “Once There Was a Snowman.”  It seemed fitting for the season.

After our song, prayer, and weather, we talked about Christmas traditions around the world.  I told them about gift giving traditions in Italy and Japan.  I told them an Italian Christmas story.  We talked about Christmas in Mexico.  I liked the tradition of going to house to house to give and receive gifts, like Mary and Joseph did looking for a place to stay.  With that we moved to the kitchen to make Mexican wedding cookies and poinsettia.  We got started on our cookies so the dough could have time to set up in the fridge.

IMG_5914 IMG_5913


Tank was in a tasting mood today.  There were no eggs in the dough so I let them eat a little.

IMG_5918 IMG_5916While I cleaned up the chicks had some play time.  The girls were in princess mode, but switched into hero mode.  Tank was protecting the girls.  She had them in the closet behind her.  I need to figure out how to post video because their conversations and imagination play are hilarious. I love the look on Pooh’s face.

IMG_5920After a snack we moved back to the table to make poinsettia cards.  The poinsettias were made of leaves and petals of 3 different sizes.   I gave them instructions to grab the biggest piece first.  They all grabbed the leaves and glued them to their card.  I then told them to grab the next biggest and we continued until they put all the pieces onto their cards.  Lastly they glued the dots in the center of their flowers.  They did really well with this.

IMG_5923 IMG_5927 IMG_5925 IMG_5928


Like I said, Tank was in a tasting mood.


While I had them on the table, we rolled our cookies.  A lot of dough never made it to the cookie sheet.

IMG_5933 IMG_5930Before the chicks went home, we talked about Christmas in England.  I told them about the tradition that included children writing their letters to Santa before bed on Christmas Eve and throwing them into the fireplace so they could find their way to Santa.  I made them English crackers and gave them instructions to put it on the tree until Christmas.  We practiced how to open it on a sample I made for them to try.







2 responses to “Christmas-Day 2

  1. So fun! I don’t know how you manage to fit so much into that amount of time!

  2. sharearead says:

    I’m so glad you went back and did this. i wouldn’t have wanted to miss this.

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