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Shapes-Day 3

on February 25, 2013

IMG_3435I drew shapes along the walkway with chalk, I thought that would be a fun way  to start our day off.  The girls hopped on the shapes every time they were near them the rest of the day.

IMG_3436We did our morning routine and then I read a simple shapes book.  It starts with a square on one page and the next page says, “I see a square” and shows a child holding a square block.  After each page I had a chick find that shape in the room.  When we finished the book I told them we were going on a shape hunt.  I made them each a card with shapes for them to check off as we walked.  (I just made the checklist on a word document with “auto shapes.”)

IMG_3441When they saw a shape, they checked it off, or colored in the shape.


IMG_3444Without really thinking about it, I put star on the list, fortunately we passed a house with an American flag and they spotted the stars.

I always make the mistake of asking what they want to do instead of just saying, “we are going to…”  So I asked if they want to go on a long walk, or a short walk.  Some said long, some short.  I went with short but they could have used a little longer walk, especially since it was a nice day.

When too much fighting was going on I decided it was time for snack.  They picked goldfish or lucky charms and “traced” a shape with their snack.IMG_3452




IMG_3451Our last activity was shape stamping.  I just got some foam blocks and let them stamp with them.  Unfortunately I forgot about aprons.  Gusts of wind came as they were transporting their pictures to the line to dry and their paintings got blown against their clothes.IMG_3455I thought that they would mix colors so I went with red and blue so it would make some purple, but they mostly stuck to one color and stayed with the shape I handed them.  All in all it was a good day, no major drama or tears, and it was a Monday!








2 responses to “Shapes-Day 3

  1. Everything you do is so fun!!!

  2. sharearead says:

    Looks like a good day!

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