Play based learning 4 chicks 4 moms

St Patrick’s-Day 1

on March 11, 2013

I had Easter on my mind so we started with a gold coin hunt.  I couldn’t find my plastic pirate coins so I had to use my See’s chocolate coins!  I wrote each chicks’ name on two coins.


IMG_3568 IMG_3569

 As they found one, we checked to see whose name was on it.  Then it was given to its owner. They are getting good at “reading” each other’s names.

IMG_3571I showed them an episode of Duck Tales where Uncle Scrooge goes to Ireland and tries to get a leprechaun’s treasure.  Next we made leprechaun traps!  We covered and decorated cereal boxes and cut doors for them to get in.  We talked about what we would get with the treasure if we caught one.  

I tried to carve shamrocks out of cucumbers to use as a stamp.  I was doing a little research about St Patrick’s Day, (“What does a saint have to do with leprechauns?!)  I found out that St Patrick is usually depicted with a 3-leaf clover as a symbol of the God-head.  I talked to them a little bit about that.  My sister and I decided that a four leaf clover is good luck because the fourth leaf is you and you get to be close Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  : )IMG_3575 IMG_3576 IMG_3578 IMG_3579 IMG_3580

Tank must have been hungry!IMG_3581

Finally we did a rainbow scavenger hunt.  I gave the girls a color checklist and they had to find something in the house that was each color.  They brought it to me and I wrote what it was on their check list, when they finished their rainbow checklist they got a chocolate gold coin.

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