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St. Patrick’s Day

on March 13, 2013

Usually when I think I’m going to have a hard time finding things to do that fit our theme, I go a little overboard.  Today was one of those days.  We didn’t have much down time today.  I wanted to make Celtic knot pretzels, so we started the dough right away. ( I must not have taken pictures of this).  Then we talked a little about Ireland.  The globe has become a favorite of the chicks so they pulled it out and tried to find Ireland.  I was impressed that they found Japan from last week.  I showed them Ireland, and they all wanted to point again.

IMG_6373I found a cute leprechaun story on TumbleBooks called Fiona’s Luck.  It’s a story about a girl who outwits the leprechaun king and tricks him into releasing the luck back into the air in Ireland. They really like this website and it gives me a little time while I prep the next activity.IMG_6375

The story led to a discussion about leprechauns putting their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so we made Skittles rainbows.  The chicks sorted their Skittles by color and put them in their jar one color at a time to create their rainbow.IMG_6376 IMG_6377 IMG_6378 IMG_6380Then they shook up their jars.IMG_6379Without a break we moved to making green slushy.  I love science even if the chicks don’t get what it’s all about.  It’s all about exposure right?  The night before I froze salt water in a quart zip top bag.  Then we placed the salt water bag into a gallon zip top bag and closed it up.  The girls took turns shaking.  After about 5 minutes of shaking we had slushy, green apple juice.  I put it in the freezer to let it get a little firmer.IMG_6385 IMG_6384 IMG_6383 IMG_6382By this time, our pretzel dough was ready to roll.  I gave them each a little piece of dough had them roll it into a snake.IMG_6386 IMG_6387Then I helped them tie a Celtic knot and paint it with an egg wash.  They came out really pretty.  They had lunch while I dropped the pretzels in a boiling baking soda and water bath and baked them.  I gave them corned beef in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, but the only chick that would eat it was Pooh.  She’s our good eater.IMG_6389IMG_6392 IMG_6391

These were so delicious.  I loved them so much I taught our Young Women at church how to make them later that night.  You can find this recipe here.
Right before they went home we went outside for our green slushy.  IMG_6396


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  1. sharearead says:

    Whew! Hope everybody took a nap after that!

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