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Day 1 – Welcome Back

on August 12, 2013




Hal was so excited for Girlsʻ Club to start again.  She didnʻt stop asking about it all summer, so I was so excited to take day one.  Since the chicks are a little older I was going for more structure this year.  The chicks came in and I had these charts to show them what they needed to do.  Super simple.  I found the idea here.  As the chicks completed each item they folded the chart up and the magnet held it shut.  If I didnʻt procrastinate so much I would have used the Silhouette to make it cuter.  I think Iʻll remake them later when I have better ideas of what to put on the charts.

IMG_8460The first thing they did was pick up their supplies.  Then they went to the table and used their composition books and the writing tool of their choice to write their names.  Iʻm still really bad about getting pictures of everything.

They liked flipping up the chart, even when they havenʻt completed the task.


We then went to the floor for circle time.  We started with a couple of songs and a prayer.  Then we discussed our morning routine.

Weʻve been using their names to teach them to recognize letters and sounds.  I wrote the letters of their names on popsicle sticks and asked them to put them in order.  Even though one or two of them know how to spell her name , this was a tough activity.  I had this block activity ready to go as a back up and was much more successful.  I found this on playdoughtoplato.com.  This is my current favorite pre-K blog.




There wasnʻt a lot of rhyme or reason to my day.  Mostly random activities to get back into the swing of things.  Halʻs been wanting to make bubbles.  Bubbles have been her obsession this summer.  We tried an idea I found on spoonful.com that used straws to blow the bubbles. IMG_8446

You have to tell the girls to take the straw out of the cup before you blow.IMG_8443

And to make sure not to suck the bubbles up through the straw.  (I was helping Pooh and didnʻt get the picture of Hal when she got a mouth full of bubbles).

Next we made kettle corn.  The key to this is shake VIGOROUSLY.  I didnʻt.  The chicks were quick to point out that some of it was a little burnt.IMG_8450


We also fit in first day of school pictures.IMG_8441





IMG_8435Is it too much to ask to have everyone looking and smiling at the same time?

Day one is in the books…and blogged.  Yay!

Sooner or later Iʻll catch up with last school yearʻs posts.



5 responses to “Day 1 – Welcome Back

  1. What an awesome first day of Girls’ Club! I’m thrilled to see that the name building activity was useful and I can’t wait to try out the bubble activity with my boys. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. sharearead says:

    Oh, they look so grown up from last year!

  3. I love the first day pics. And the letters with the blocks…so cool! You always get so much done!!!

  4. beth says:

    i love pooh’s dress!

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