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Welcome Back-Day 3

on August 16, 2013

My Kindergartner’s teacher read her class “the kissing hand” the second day of school.  I thought that was a great idea since it’s about a little raccoon starting school, and we have the book!  None of the chicks could relate, “who wouldn’t want to go to girls club?!”  “Why would I miss my mom?!”  Anyways, I read it and then we made kissing hand cookies.  (Hal came late and my kindergartner had no school.  That’s not Hal in the picture!)


I thought they came out cute and the girls had fun dipping them in the frosting.  We made lots of little hearts so they could do more dipping.
IMG_4357 IMG_4358They had the hearts for a snack after lunch and the hands I told them they had to take it home and share it with their moms.
I gave them their supplies toward the end of the day.  I pre labeled a couple things so they had to look for their name.  I wrote their names on pieces of duct tape too so they could put their “labels” on some things themselves.  After each chick had her basket of supplies, I had them draw something in their journals.  I told them to draw something from the day but they didn’t really.  : )

2 responses to “Welcome Back-Day 3

  1. papa says:

    that’s my chicks

  2. Haha…they couldn’t relate…

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