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Theme: Feelings and Emotions – Day 1

on August 19, 2013


This week’s theme is Feelings and Emotions.  Once the chicks checked in, they worked on making some felt faces.  My kids haven’t gone back to school yet, so I had extra “helpers.”  My daughter cut a bunch of new face pieces and it was a good change up for them.


We read Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  There are so many fun emotions to discuss throughout this book.  The chicks had fun as we stopped to discuss the emotions of the different characters on their faces.



These next ones crack me up.



After snack and free play, we did this fun activity that I found on my search engine, Pinterest!  We talked about the different types of lines and then we put a face to it.  It’s such a simple task, but they really had fun watching the shapes come to life once they added some Cheerios eyes.

Preschool theme Feelings and Emotions

Then, we decided to do something that made us happy!  We played with gak!

Preschool Theme Feelings Emotions

While we were playing with gak, we had an exciting surprise.  Papa of all the chicks came to cut some branches off of the avocado tree.

preschool avocado tree

Dani pretty much takes care of and manages that blessed tree.  There are so many avocados that get lost in the jungle.  I hate hearing the rustling of the leaves as a ripe avocado falls to its death, down the “cliff” where we’ll never see that avocado again.
avocado tree preschool

By cutting the branches, it was a bountiful harvest.  This was about half of it.  The chicks had fun picking them off of the cut branches.

avocado tree

Finally, throughout the day I snapped pictures of the girls.  Then, I put their pictures on the screen and had them guess what emotion each chick was showing on her face.  This was as fun as I had hoped it would be.  We laughed a lot!

Preschool Theme Feelings and Emotions

As you can see, from the look on their faces.  It was a roller coaster of emotions today!

Emotions Feelings Collage


3 responses to “Theme: Feelings and Emotions – Day 1

  1. sharearead says:

    This is hilarious! Fun mix of technology and nature.

  2. That’s hilarious! I love it, might have to frame it or get you to do one with my kids.

  3. 4chicksplay says:

    I love the collage. That would make a good family picture. I love the lines/cheerios activity.

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