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Feelings – Day 2

on August 21, 2013

After our normal morning routine we sang “Smiles.”  Itʻs always a favorite. (I always thought it was called “If You Chance to Meet a Frown”).  Then we made faces in the mirror.  I love how Uniquaʻs faces look very similar.




Surprised (not looking through my dirty mirror).



IMG_8497???IMG_8498Really sad??IMG_8500Hal didnʻt have breakfast, so we took a break to eat the banana muffins that Aunty Corie made.IMG_8502After our snack we read Thereʻs a Bird on your Head!! by Mo Willems.  Heʻs one of my kidsʻ favorites and this book has a lot of opportunities to identify feelings and discuss dealing with our feelings.

IMG_8505The chicks wanted another break to play with princesses on the farm.  Itʻs so fun to watch and listen to the dialogue.  So creative.  Then we went back to our discussion about dealing with our feelings and how best to express ourselves.  I taught them a little ASL that could help them express themselves.  I used it a lot with Hal before she could talk.  Even though she didnʻt remember the signs when I asked her, she must have remembered something because she picked them up quickly.


“I love you.”  Uniqua was good at this one, but she insisted that it was Spider Man.

IMG_8507This was “stop”.  I hear Uniqua is using this one on her sibs.  We also learned help, please, thank you, and want.  A great intro to ASL for babies and toddlers here.

After lunch we sang, “If Youʻre Happy and You Know It” and called it a day.


2 responses to “Feelings – Day 2

  1. Oh gosh…our days were so similar. I love the mirror…and the ASL.

  2. beth says:

    pooh’s angry face wins.

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