Play based learning 4 chicks 4 moms

Feelings- Day 3

on August 23, 2013

It was Pooh’s birthday so I thought it would be fun, a great opportunity to talk about happy.  Too bad she was not having a happy day!  

We sang the songs they sang the other days and then I read them “I am a rainbow”  by Dolly Parton.  We talked about colors and emotions.  I found this printable here.   


Pooh had a hard time with it so I thought it was too advanced but Hal and Uniqua aced it.

IMG_4427I love that she was making the sad face as she colored the sad face!  After some playtime we regrouped to do playdough faces.  I drew blank faces with hair kind of like each chick and put it in a page protector.  I covered a block with different emotions and let the girls take turns rolling it.  They identified the emotion it landed on and made a play dough face of that emotion.  (My battery died so I missed the faces they made.)IMG_4433Later we did some singing, including “Slippery Fish.”  They like to do the “oh, no!” parts.




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