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Italy-Day 3

on August 30, 2013




Iʻm no expert on Italy.  Emmie and Corie have both been there.  Iʻm a little jealous.  I started the day with all the normal stuff and we discussed what they learned on Monday and Wednesday.  I added “grazie” to their vocabulary.  I wanted them to hear someone speaking the language so I found a cute you tube story book that they could follow without understanding the words.  It was called Rosa Goes to the City.  Maryʻs making a sad face because the elephant was sad.  They wanted another one.  We found a Mickey Mouse one that looked promising.   I was wrong.  It was from an Italian TV station, but it wasnʻt in Italian.  Once I started it, the chicks didnʻt want me to stop it.  Mickey is trying to get rid of bugs in his garden with poison.  He accidentally sprays himself and starts hallucinating.  It looked like a drug induced hallucination.  Maybe it was made in the time of magic mushrooms and LSD?  That was totally off the subject, but I thought it was funny.

IMG_8541 IMG_8545

Then we went outside to play bocce ball.  The small white ball is rolled out a few feet and the object is to roll your red or blue ball as close to the white ball as you can. They werenʻt really aiming for the white ball, but they had fun anyway.
IMG_8554 IMG_8555 IMG_8558


After a while, they just wanted to pose for pictures.IMG_8562 IMG_8565 IMG_8567When they were over this, we went back into the house for lunch.  Since Corie said they wanted pizza last time, we made it for lunch today.  I made this dough for their “graduation” in May and really liked it, so we did it again.
IMG_8574While their pizzas were baking, they helped me prep their dessert.  Chocolate Hazelnut Ravioli!! Probably not very authentic, but itʻs a Giada recipe.  Good enough for me.IMG_8577 IMG_8583 IMG_8590 IMG_8591


4 responses to “Italy-Day 3

  1. I can’t stop laughing at all the pictures!

  2. I totally forgot to show them my pictures from there.

  3. beth says:

    i’ve always wanted to know how to play bocce ball. do you have a real set?

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