Play based learning 4 chicks 4 moms

Theme: Occupations Day 2

on September 4, 2013

We started off the day discussing what an occupation is.  Hal’s daddy goes to “work,” Uniqua’s daddy goes to “the office,” and Mary’s daddy goes “on the truck.”  They all pointed out that the Tank’s dad works on the fire truck even though she wasn’t here.  All of us mommies “work” at home, so that was easy.  I was sure to point out ALL the jobs that mommies have 🙂

We talked about how us mommies are teachers and our brothers and sisters have teachers.  After looking at “tools” that teachers use I asked them to take turns being a teacher.  One of the best tools that teachers use are books.  They went to the library to choose a book that they would like to read to the class.  Here they are, each taking their turn.  It was so fun to watch them mimic us as they read.  They would say things like, “Did you see the sea animals on this page?” and “This is black!”  I love how engaged they were listening to each other too!

preschool lesson occupations

Later, we talked about going to the grocery store.  Here, they took turns being the shopper and the cashier.  Try not to mind Uniqua’s getup.

preschool lesson occupations



Again, I love how engaged they were.  They knew how to give each of their items to the cashier and then to pay for the items.  They were also very polite and used “please” and “thank you” naturally.  That made me happy!


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