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Occupations-Day 2

on September 5, 2013

I was supposed to be day one but Pooh was complaining about her leg hurting and she couldn’t walk on it, so she got her own “field trip” to the doctor.  She saw a nurse, a receptionist, a doctor and an X-ray tech in action!  Fortunately she just twisted her knee and was cured with medicine.

I started with a bag of “tools” for different occupations.


We went over who uses each thing like keys are used by truck drivers, bus drivers, racers… planes are for pilots and flight attendants.  For most things their first answer was mom! IMG_4500

Next we went outside to be paleontologists.  I didn’t have dinosaur bones, I did find tutorials for paper mache ones but that would have been more time than I have so I just buried dinosaurs.  IMG_4501 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4505 Later we talked about the military and soldiers.  I got a pack of army guys from target for a dollar and hid them in a bowl of lentils. IMG_4506

I also had a Melissa and Doug set of bakery items to string.  IMG_4508

For lunch they got to be servers.  They took turns being the waitress, taking orders and pouring water for each other. IMG_4509 I drew a quick checklist menu and told them to ask which of the things their fellow chick wanted to eat, then they checked off or crossed out each item.  When it was time to deliver their food, I had them check their order to make sure it was right.  I was surprised how well they did.  I think they had a lot of fun because later when they were drawing what they wanted to be when they grow up, Uniqua said a server.  Later she changed to a chef like her big brother.  Hal said an apple!  Then Pooh just copied her with other objects and animals. IMG_4511 IMG_4512While they were eating I heard Hal say, “this is a very nice restaurant.”  After lunch they still wanted to play with the tea sets and Hal said,”Hey guys I killed a butterfly for dinner.”  One more funny, Uniqua said, “my dad’s bad word is idiot.”  So fun!


3 responses to “Occupations-Day 2

  1. beth says:

    fun. i loved playing “drive-thru” in the car when i was little.
    apparently hal doesn’t eat out much. maybe she thought a butterfly would be appropriate to eat on fancy dishes.

  2. sharearead says:

    Fun times. Nobody wanted to be a teacher?

  3. 4chicksplay says:

    I love that you always remember what they said. I need to start writing things down.
    @Beth: Hal doesnʻt eat out much and sheʻs very dramatic.

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