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Occupations – Day 3

on September 6, 2013

Of course we had to start with funny faces.

IMG_8617Next we talked about different careers.  We talked about the careers that their parents and family members have.  When I asked what Papaʻs occupations was, they said builder, fixer, and painter.  They made funny faces when I told them he was an engineer.

IMG_8641Today we focused on farmer and scientist.  We went outside and talked about what a farmer does.  We planted tomato and basil and discussed what a farmer does to care for his plants.  They promised to do the same.  Uniqua really enjoyed this.IMG_8622 IMG_8627Pooh tolerated it.

IMG_8628Hal just smiled for the camera and tried to get me to do it for her.IMG_8632

We went back in to cool off and get a snack.  They grumbled about how hot it was and we decided that farming was hard work.  I showed them a video of a dairy farm so they could see how we get milk.

We shifted gears for a little bit and talked about being a scientist.  I showed them some of the tools that scientist use.  We talked about the process of having a question, observing with all our senses, and testing things out.  Itʻs all about exposure right.  Most of it went over their heads, but they liked the oobleck that we made.  We played with this stuff all the time when we were kids.  I didnʻt know it had a name until I went to my sonʻs 7th grade science class a few years ago.
IMG_8642 IMG_8643 IMG_8644Our next activity was not planned.  I was about to fix lunch for them and I had the bright idea to combine our farming and science and make butter from the heavy cream I had.  I didnʻt think this through very well.  I gave each of the chicks a jar with a little heavy cream and salt in it.  I capped it up and told them to shake as hard as they can.

IMG_8646That lasted about 15 seconds and then guess who got stuck shaking the jars.IMG_8648 IMG_8650Plan B: We through some heavy cream into the kitchen with some sugar and made whipped cream.  That was a hit.IMG_8652 I wanted them to see it go all the way to butter so I whipped up some more with some salt and took it all they way to this stage.  They tried it on some crackers with their lunch.  Another hit.IMG_8656


2 responses to “Occupations – Day 3

  1. beth says:

    our primary song leader just did the butter thing for pioneer day. they were supposed to shake while they sang. a few of them worked, but i think they all had fun shaking.

    gma says it’s stupid to be a farmer (compared to a fisherman, of course) because they spend all day in the dirt, & sometimes the crops fail anyway. she said this after marshall told her he’d rather farm than fish.

  2. 4chicksplay says:

    Too funny. Grandma has no censor now days.

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