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Theme: Community Helpers Day 1

on September 9, 2013

We read a great book about people in our community.  It’s a little Corduroy book called, “Corduroy’s Busy Street.”  This book came in a set that I got years ago.  I don’t think you can even purchase it anymore.  But, it’s super cute because it covers quite a bit of what goes on in the community.

We started off at the library.  We knew Aunty Dani would be going to the library, so we just went to the library book sale under the library which is open for a few hours during the week.  We were lucky that it was open on our day!

Preschool Community Helpers Lesson

The chicks each picked out a book.  I was super psyched about the ones I got.  Minus the girls books, my books were in “like new” condition.  You can’t see it, but “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” board book was only $0.75.  I already have some of these, but to have board books in good shape for a few cents is awesome.  Our total was $4.20!


Showing off their new (used) books.  I had to bite my tongue on their book choices.


We walked a couple hundred feet up the hill to the police station.


It’s really not exciting to see…nothing like the offices on Law & Order or even Miami Vice or Hunter (If you don’t know…sad for you).


We spent more time looking at the inside of this police car.  I never knew there wasn’t a real seat in the back.  It’s hard plastic seats that sit really low and back.  Makes a germ-a-phobe like me excited.  Easy to clean!

We drove past the fire station where Tank’s dad works.  Then we went up to the bakery.  After oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing, each of the girls got a donut.

preschool bakery

We decided to get an eclair for grandma and swing by to drop it off on our way home.  I was really good and didn’t get myself anything.  Trying really hard to lose the baby fat!


Apparently this guy got the memo that we were doing community helpers today!  He was in the parking lot when we got out.  If you can’t tell, Hal was less than thrilled.


Then in the same parking lot, they took a picture at the bus stop.  If I had the camera ready two seconds earlier, they would have had a bus in the background.


Next, we went to the drug store.  I needed shampoo and this was on sale for a dollar, so I just had each of them grab one.

preschool shopping

After that, we headed over to grandma’s to drop of the eclair.  She insisted that she didn’t want it.  I called her before we got there to let her know that we would be swinging by.  Of course, she had a treat ready for each of them.  I very rarely see grandma with that on her head.  She reminded me of the bird’s mom in, “Are You My Mother.”  I just picked up that board book at the library book sale!


And in case  you’re wondering what happened to grandma’s eclair…so much for the weight loss goal today.


Being a good member of our community, we were sure to get lunch from our local McDonalds.  We didn’t have time to come home and prep something, so this worked.  Besides, all they really wanted to do was get to the donut!

bakery preschool lesson


One response to “Theme: Community Helpers Day 1

  1. kalaloa says:

    I think it wouldʻve been better to order off the dollar menu. Then we couldʻve bought ice cream too. They were more interested in the doughnuts anyway!

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