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Community Helpers-Day 2

on September 11, 2013

I was supposed to have the chicks on Monday, but Hal was sick and needed to go to the doctor.  Turns out she had double ear infections.  Luckily Matt at the Kaneohe Animal hospital was very accommodating and rescheduled our visit for today.  I forgot my camera at home so these are iphone pictures.  I didnʻt get as many pictures as I wanted to.  I was a little worried about keeping the chicks close.  First thing, the ladies at the front desk took us to the waiting room and gave the chicks coloring pages to color and put up on the wall.IMG_2730After a few minutes, Matt (the hospital manager) came to show the chicks around.  First stop was the animal scale.  Hal wouldnʻt get on.  After her doctorʻs visit and flu shot on Monday, she wasnʻt feeling all that comfortable with the doctor thing.   Then Matt took us to the treatment rooms where a dog was under general anesthesia to get his teeth cleaned.  There was another dog in a kennel with an IV drip recovering from anesthesia.  I couldnʻt tell if the chicks were intrigued or a little weirded out.  They met the veterinary doctor, a vet tech, and a vet dental tech.IMG_2733 IMG_2734The ladies that worked at the reception desk were so excited to have us that they put little goody bags together for us. They were so sweet.  The chicks got a cup, frisbee, a Clifford book, and some magnets.  They were thrilled to get their little bags.  Donʻt ask me what Halʻs doing.IMG_2735From here we went to Longs to get a treat to send to Aunty Bethany in California.IMG_2738Then on to the post office to send our treats.  I showed them around a little.  We talked to one of the postal workers.  Theyʻre standing in front of the PO Boxes with their pictures for Aunty Bethany.  They were drawing in the car so itʻs not their best work. (Hal did start out with footwear).  The post office patrons were very entertained watching these dramatic chicks run around the post office.IMG_2739We addressed and filled the package.  I was too cheap to pay for the box, so hopefully it made it OK.   IMG_2740We paid for the postage at the self-serve kiosk and Pooh placed the stamp in the upper right corner. IMG_2745It was a team effort to get the package into the drop box. IMG_2744 IMG_2742Then to McDonaldʻs for lunch.  This is the place to go to find police officers.  Two different officers came in while we were there, so I asked one of them to come over to say hi.  They werenʻt too interested and he wasnʻt very entertaining so that didnʻt last long.  The french fries were getting cold!IMG_2749 IMG_2751


2 responses to “Community Helpers-Day 2

  1. beth says:

    got it today! safe & sound.
    thank you cards coming 🙂

  2. Love the field trip. Glad we both did our part…making McD’s a part of the community 🙂 Except you make me look cheap. They ordered off the dollar menu.

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