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Community Helpers- Day 3

on September 13, 2013

We started with a memory game, I bought some cute clipart from here.  I found it on pinterest.  It was  a nice way to introduce different community helpers and talk about what they do as the chicks found matches.

I thought community helpers were first responder type jobs, fire fighters and police.  As I was searching for ideas, every thing I found included bakers!  As a former baker, I was very excited.  Unfortunately my oven was having issues and not working so we didn’t get to do any baking, baking.    Everything no-bake that I found and thought would be kid friendly, required setting and more time than we had.  I settled on rice krispie squares.  I love rice krispies, but they are not as exciting as bread or cookies.


There were some really cute ideas on this site, including songs. I liked the song that goes along to farmer in the dell.   I was looking for occupation clip art to put on sticks to go along with the song and that’s when I found the teacher website and decided it was worth $1.60  to save me prep time.  (There are a lot of free ones but I really liked this one.)IMG_4570

I cut out the pictures and taped them to fat popsicle sticks.  The girls wrote their names on each stick so that they wouldn’t mix them up.  Pooh complained that she got poked by the picture so I had to round the edges.IMG_4572 IMG_4573



3 responses to “Community Helpers- Day 3

  1. 4chicksplay says:

    You’re so accommodating.

  2. beth says:

    ^ mystery commenter

    those are cute pictures. i would have bought them too.

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