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All About Me- Day 1

on September 16, 2013

Today was a good transition from community helpers to all about me.  It is Mary See’s birthday.  She made candy and we love chocolate!

I got some coupon cards from Sees that had a picture of Mary with a birthday hat and they had a printable party hat on their website that I printed out for the chicks.  We talked a little bit about her and then went into birthdays and ages.  We decorated the party hats and made oreo truffles.  The chicks mashed up oreos and poured it into a bowl of softened cream cheese.  I thought it wasn’t sweet enough so I added a little sugar.   (really, like only a Tbs.)  I let them scoop a few then I finished them while they played.  I froze the little balls for about 2 hours then coated them with a mix of part almond bark, part Sees milk chocolate chips and part Kirkland semisweet chocolate chips.
IMG_4575 IMG_4576


I found an “all about me, sensory bin” on this blog.  I decided to do a similar idea but an All about me, I Spy jar.IMG_4577

I had cute cupcake puffy stickers so I wrote their birthdays on the backs of those.  I had a lot of beads so we did pink flower beads for their sisters and blue ones for their brothers.  They all have 2 sisters so that was kind of funny.  I had jewel stickers so they picked the one that was their favorite color.  I wrote their age on a foam flower.   I wanted to do a tape measure but thought that wouldn’t work too well, so after some quick brainstorming I made a construction paper ruler/tape measure.  I debated just having the letters in their names loose in the jar but decided it would be make more sense for them to have their letter form their names.  I strung them on a pipe cleaner and added that.  I’m glad I decided to go that route, I found some extra letters in their jars!  A couple other things, (that I didn’t do.  Yet.) add pictures of each chick and her family members and fill with rice or beans.
IMG_4578When the truffles were done I put them in paper cups and “boxed” them in old deli meat plastic containers.  I wish I had saved candy boxes but I hadn’t planned that far ahead.  (See’s only sent me the email about Mary’s birthday 2 weeks before!)  Pooh is holding one that I emptied the day before, not all in one day!

Happy 159th birthday Mary See!

3 responses to “All About Me- Day 1

  1. sharearead says:

    And here I thought Pooh got her name from her ancestors! These girls will really know their sweets.

  2. beth says:

    i don’t really get how mary see ties in (all about YOU?), but i would have enjoyed it anyway.
    i make my oreo balls w/ just almond bark outside. and no extra sugar!
    ps milla is huuuuge

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