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Polynesia-Day 2

on September 25, 2013

Sometimes field trips are easier because I don’t have to clean my house and there’s less prep.  We don’t get “breaks” during free play though.  I decided to take the girls to the Bishop Museum, 3 and under are free!  They just opened the “Polynesian Hall” the Saturday before so this was good timing.  IMG_4588

Inside there were two stories of the Polynesian exhibit.  The have 3 screens side by side showing scenes of different islands including the people, dancing, working, eating.  It was about 5 minutes. IMG_4591 IMG_4592

On the other side of the screens is this interactive area.  The chicks liked this, you pick a word on the bottom and it says the word in different languages of the pacific.  It’s cool to see the similarities in the words.IMG_4593

This was cool too.  There is “grass” at the top and different levels of earth.  You can open the drawers and see different things at each level.  The lower levels are older.  Pooh is looking at pig bones.  Another drawer had bone fish hooks.IMG_4595

They didn’t want to do the second level, instead they wanted to see the volcano in the science building.  Here they are cruising on “native plants.”  They kind of had the place to themselves!  Wednesdays are short days for most schools so the building was very empty and we only saw 2 other school groups during our visit, one was Hal’s brothers!
IMG_4596 IMG_4597

They acted afraid of this “lava tube” slide for a long time because it’s dark at the top.  Once I got them to go, they didn’t want to stop.IMG_4601They took turns cranking the wheel to make molten lava/wax come up, demonstrating how the hawaiian islands were formed.

IMG_4602Then we ended with musibis, very Polynesian : )-!



One response to “Polynesia-Day 2

  1. Wow you guys did a lot! LOVE the pics. So glad you got some good ones of Uniqua. It’s hard to get good pics of her.

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