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Polynesia- Day 3

on September 27, 2013

We closed out our Polynesian week with a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I was going to have Halʻs dad do some Samoan activities with the chicks, but he was out of town.  It worked out great though.  There was a preschool group going through with which we were able to tag along.  The Polynesian Cultural Center is so fun.  We sometimes think of it as tourist destination so itʻs rare that we take the time to go, but itʻs worth the trip.   We arrived a little before the other group and before the park was open so we used the time to take a couple of pictures.IMG_4606 IMG_4607After we connected with our group we headed over for the canoe ride/village tour.  Our tour guide took us down the lagoon that runs in between all the villages.  Because this was a mini tour geared to younger guests, this was their opportunity to see all the villages.  They got a kick out of being on the canoe.  I couldnʻt get far enough away to get a good picture of them on the canoes so you have to trust me that theyʻre on the canoe.  I wasnʻt sure if they were paying attention, but Hal asked our tour guide a few questions about what she saw in the villages.IMG_4612 IMG_4613After the canoe ride, we stopped in the Hawaiian village.  They toured the “hale mua” (menʻs work  house) and saw the “hale ali`i” (the chiefʻs house).  Then we went to the hālau (house of learning) where we the villagers taught the chicks about Hawaiian instruments and the hula.IMG_4615We moved outside to try the Hawaiian games.  I canʻt remember the name of this game, but the object is to use your kūkui nut top to knock down your opponents top or you race to see who can keep their top spinning the longest.IMG_4621 IMG_4622Halʻs playing `ulu maika.  The object is to roll the disk between two stakes on the other end of the sand track.  You can see the one from the other lanes in the background.IMG_4625We had time for one more, so the chicks tried out kōnane.  Itʻs a game similar to checkers.IMG_4626Our last stop was the Samoan village.  The chicks were getting a little hot and they were over taking pictures, but they really enjoyed this guy.  Heʻs kind of the ambassador of the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Some people come just to see him.  He is so funny.  He demonstrated making a fire with two sticks, and how to husk, grate and squeeze the milk out of a coconut.  Even though the chicks were getting tired, he kept their attention.
IMG_4631It was a good day. Worth the trip to Lāʻie, and Halʻs already asking to go back.


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