Play based learning 4 chicks 4 moms

Healthy Bodies-Day 3

on October 4, 2013

This is not really my thing!  I started out with a discussion about health and made a list of ways to be healthy.   I read a book about washing hands, then we made soap crayons.  Well, tried.  The recipe I found called for ivory flakes.  After checking the grocery and drug store I couldn’t find it, later I read on a blog that they no longer sell it.  I could have grated my own but I thought it would be way more fun to microwave it and make soap flakes that way.  I’ve done it a few times and it’s cool to watch it balloon up in the microwave and then smash it to dust when it cools.  I didn’t realize I hadn’t done it since I got a new microwave.  You can’t see inside through the door on this one!  So I burnt some of the soap and then decided to grate  the last bit that I had.  It came out very chunky : (.  (I’ll be trying it again on my own another time.)  I let them pick the food coloring to add and pour in a tiny bit of water.  They took turns stirring and then put some in a muffin tin to dry.



After that we had a healthy snack of cheese, raisins and almonds (hee hee).  I did give them some plain almonds but only my chick ate them! IMG_4656

We talked about taking care of our teeth, especially after eating candy, and that is part of being healthy too.  I cut out pink ovals and cut up packing peanuts.  I gave them each a hand mirror and helped them count their teeth, then they counted out that many pieces of packing and glued them.  (I only had the kind that dissolve so they kind of had tiny “teeth”  by the end.)IMG_4658 IMG_4657


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