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Farms – Day 2

on November 20, 2013

For our farm week, I wanted to take the chicks to a different kind of farm.  We did the pumpkin patch last year, so I took them to Papahana Kuaola.  Going to this place is like stepping back into history.  The staff has restored an old Hawaiian farm to what they believe it would have been like.   This place is beautiful.

We had Aunty Bethany and Uncle Marshall with us today.  It was so nice to have Uncle Marshall there to be our photographer and Aunty Bethany to help with the chicks.

We hiked down into the valley and walked around a little to see the different crops.

IMG_9333Hal is standing in front of a patch of ‘uala (sweet potatoes).  We talked about how it grows under the ground.IMG_9335We then looked at a kukui nut tree and I showed them the fruit that dropped onto the ground.IMG_9338I showed them the grass houses with the thatched roofs and walls.  They were more interested in the gravel.IMG_9341The majority of the work at Papa Kuaola goes into the lo‘i kalo (taro patch).  To get to these lo‘i we had to cross a small stream.  The chicks had fun walking between the lo‘i and jumping over the little irrigation canals.  IMG_9343Most lo‘i are stream fed.  These are unusual in that they are fed by underground springs.  The chicks were able to see one of the springs that flows out above the ground.  I also showed them kō (sugar cane) that grew around the boarders of the lo‘i.

IMG_9344IMG_9347Poohʻs little sister joined us today.   We need a name for her since sheʻll probably be joining us more as she gets older. (I really wish I brushed my hair).IMG_9356Kalo grows under the water/ground like a carrot, with the leaves sticking up.  There was some harvested kalo on the ground so I showed the chicks.  Theyʻre familiar with poi, but not as familiar with the kalo that it comes from.IMG_9357The chicks were most excited about going back over the stream.  We tried for a little while to keep their clothes dry.IMG_9362 IMG_9364We were fighting a losing battle.IMG_9365After we dried off and had a little snack,  we headed home.  If you get a chance, definitely go and see Papahana Kuaola.  Check the website and join them for a work day.  There is a Family Fun and Craft Day on December 7.  There will be crafts, workshops, music and they will be giving away native Hawaiian trees.  See the flyer here.


6 responses to “Farms – Day 2

  1. Okay…we need the photographer on every trip!

  2. papa says:

    growing up local is the best way to grow up

  3. Beth says:

    Haha I was thinking, that’s a good picture she took, and that one… Then I remembered who took them.

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