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Theme: More Laundry Day 1

on January 21, 2014

We did laundry as a theme last year and it was so fun, we did it again!  The hard part was trying to come up with new ideas.  Here’s how it went down.

preschool theme laundry

We talked about how we can dry our clothes in the sun on a clothes line.  The chicks took turns hanging the princess dress of their choice.  Having just celebrated some chicks birthdays and Christmas, we now have an over abundance of princess crap gear.  They all managed to handle the clothes pins quite well.  After that, they designed two pins to take home with them.

preschool theme laundry

Next, we did a sorting game.  I just drew up some pieces of clothing and they decided if it was a “top,” a “bottom” or “both.”  It would  have been better to use real clothes.  The hubs was excited when he found out it was laundry day.  He suggested I have the chicks fold our mountain of laundry.

preschool theme laundry

They practiced putting clothes on a hanger too.


Finally, I did a graphic organizer with the word laundry.  Once they figured out what we were doing, they  were quick to suggest words.


I hate doing laundry, but it sure is a fun preschool theme!


One response to “Theme: More Laundry Day 1

  1. sharearead says:

    Whoa! You’ve got as much princess ‘stuff’ as your sister. Fun theme!

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