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Theme: Valentineʻs Day – Day 1

on February 14, 2014

This is such a fun theme for 4-year old girls.  We had sick kids in the family, so even though it was Friday, this was our first girlsʻ club for the week.   We started with our morning business and went right into what it means to observe.  I used these great printables for todayʻs activities.  There were also a few that I never got to.

We talked about what senses and parts or body we can use to observe.  Then, after giving them instructions not to open the boxes or eat any candy yet, I gave them Sweetart conversation hearts and a paper to help guide our observations.  We dumped the hearts out onto our paper and started our observations using our eyes.  The chicks observed the color and size.  They colored in the hearts on the worksheet to match the colors in their box, and they circled the heart that matched the size of their hearts.  Hal decided that her hearts were big, even though they were the same size as the small heart on the paper.

They observed with their nose to see if they smelled good or bad, their hands to see if they were hard or soft, and their ears to decide if the hearts made a sound.  I thought it was a no-brainer.  The hearts donʻt make a sound.  The chicks disagreed.  They said if you shake the box, the hearts do make a sound.  Lastly, they tasted a heart.  I only let them have one because we still needed the hearts.
Our next activity was to graph the colors of the sweetarts.  They sorted by color and then used the chart below to graph.  We compared the chicksʻ boxes.  They noticed that Hal and had more pinks than Uniqua, but Uniqua had the most green ones.   I asked them which colors they had the most and least of.  I did this last year.  They got it this year.IMG_0710IMG_0711After a much needed break we made lunch.  Heart shaped pizzas.  The chicks love pizza.IMG_0723 IMG_0733


3 responses to “Theme: Valentineʻs Day – Day 1

  1. That was smart to cut the pizzas with a cookie cutter. We did this once and we shaped them with our hands. They resulted in big ugly hearts.

  2. Ralph Chun says:

    i had to learn all this kind of stuff on my own, i could have beeen a smart

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