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Opposites-Day 1

on February 25, 2014

Today we did opposites.  I noticed the chicks always arrive and ask, “what are we going to learn to day?”  I’m glad they noticed we have themes!

We started with a Curious George lift the flap book, there was only one page of opposites but it was enough to help introduce the subject and get them interested.

Another question they always ask  is “what are we eating for snack” and “what are we eating for lunch.”  My mom gave me the idea to do opposites with food.  We started with a slice of bread and talked about how it is soft and cool/cold (not hot).  Then we put it in the toaster.  while it toasted we ate sweet and salty, healthy (carrots) and junk food (pudding), which was also crunchy and soft.


When to toast was ready we observed that it was hot and hard.  They also said up and down which was a good observation, the bread when down and the toast came up.IMG_5320

I wanted to do Pooh’s hair so I told them let’s do hair, their hair is down and I’m going to put it up, or messy and neat!
IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5324 IMG_5325

They all wanted one braid, like Elsa.IMG_5326

Then we did a sorting activity.  The chicks picked an animal and decided if it was a big animal or a small animal, then they put it in the small basket or the big basket.  It was confusing at times because some of the “big” animals were small, and some of the “small” animals were big.  So we talked about what they really are, not the toy versions, usually if we could ride it, it was big, if we couldn’t, it was small.IMG_5327 IMG_5328I didn’t get pictures but, lastly we went on an opposite hunt.  We walked around the block and found opposites, lizards crawl and birds fly, tall trees and short trees.  We passed dog droppings but I didn’t think about doing stink and sweet smells till later.

Through out the day we talked about being nice, not mean, every time there was an argument.  They heard it a lot.


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