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Theme: Flowers Day 2

on April 9, 2014

Who knew a simple theme like, “flowers” could be so much fun?! We sang, “In The Leafy Treetops” because the second verse talks about the flowers “nodding.”  It’s funny every time I hear kids say the flowers are “naughty.” We went outside to do Hapa printing.  It’s a japanese art (according to “the internet”) where you pound the flowers onto a piece of paper or fabric.  In the process, you extract the color from the plants and it makes a print. We spent some time looking for flowers. IMG_3834 The chicks even used some petals from the flowers they received with Aunty Corie at Watnabe’s Florist. IMG_3835 Everything I read about this process says to dampen the cloth. IMG_3836   When we did that, too much of the brown pigment came through. IMG_3838 We tried again without the water and got a MUCH BETTER print.  I love it! IMG_3841


IMG_3846 I think they came out so great. Preschool theme flowers We read a few stories and then spent some time with this fun book, “What Shall I Grow” by Ray Gibson. preschool theme flowers It’s filled with so many great ideas for planting fun things. We read more stories, and then went outside to plant marigolds.  We talked about the process that flowers go through so that they can bloom.

It was a fun day with the chicks and I can’t wait to see what they do with Aunty Dani with flowers.


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