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Theme: I Am Four! Day 1

on August 18, 2014

Today was the first day back for our 2014-15 school year.  The chicks were soooo happy to be back together.  They’ve all been asking when we were going to be starting again.  I was the lucky momma to have them on the first day.  We went with the theme, “I Am Four!” as a fun way to make the first day somewhat about them. 

For the welcome activity, I made four Lego “buildings.”  Each was constructed of four blocks.  They were to observe the building and recreate it exactly with the same four blocks provided.

Preschool theme I Am Four

After our morning business, we talked about the excitement of “four.”  It was especially entertaining knowing that Pooh would be FOUR in FOUR days!  We counted to four..and then backwards from four.  We sang “one little, two little…” in hawaiian.  Then again in English.  We had a discussion about the beginning sound of four and the two different ways to write four.  This led into the beginning of our first word wall letter, “f.”  Preschool Theme I Am Four

After that, we headed outside to find things with four (wheels, sides, corners, etc.)

GC Lego 2

We came back inside and the chicks had some free play.  I am home schooling my other kids this year, so it is nice having all these extra helpers for Girls Club.

Preschool Theme I Am Four

After the break and a snack, we talked about how a square has four sides and corners.  We went further into the word “square” because I thought it was a good opportunity for them to see the letter “q” in action.  After discussing how the “s” and “q” work together, we started our second letter for the word wall and added a square to it.Preschool Theme I Am Four

We emphasized this concept with this sheet I drafted up.  It was a great cutting exercise because it was just straight lines.  They just glued down the squares to the corresponding shapes.  We talked about how a square is present in so many other objects or shapes.  Diamond is always a really fun concept to cover because kids have a hard time understanding that a diamond and a square are the same shape.  Once they got it, they had a good time turning it 45 degrees over and over again.  You’ll notice the other words on the sheet.  They were able to identify which word I was reading by focusing on the beginning sound of each word.  

You can download the I Am Four sheet here .  They are all going to be in kindergarten next year, so we’re deliberately taking the early literacy up a notch.

Preschool Theme I Am Four

In the middle of that I introduce two sentences with different sight words.  (You’ll see it again later in this post.)

After another free play session, the chicks made these music shakers.  They took these four sided boxes and counted out four bells to put inside.

 Preschool Theme I Am Four

I wrote the sentences on the box to review the sight words, “I,” “am” and “is.”  We also talked briefly about sentence structure and using periods.  (Just because I acknowledge literacy concepts, doesn’t mean that we are doing it intensely.  It’s all about exposure and seeing how literacy works in real life.)  For the purpose of the blog, you can see where I blurred out their name.  Pretend it says, “Pooh is four.”

GC Lego 4

We read the book, A Mud Pie for Mother.  We’ve used this book before, but I chose it again because Little Pig has four friends and there are four ingredients that he gathers throughout the book.  This really is a sweet book!

Preschool  Mud Pie For Mother

I also threw in the start of our number line.  We just started it from zero to four.  Even though all the chicks can count, the number line helps them understand how numbers work in relation to other numbers.

I am Four Preschool Theme

Finally, we made these cheese and chicken soda crackers for lunch.  If you can’t already tell from the picture, each chick made a four pack.  We talked about how each cracker is one fourth of all their crackers.  Again…not an intense lesson on fractions, but rather an introduction to it and an opportunity to use mathematics in real life.



Today was a great day to be four!


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  1. kalaloa says:

    Wow! I’m feeling a little intimidated right now. Very grateful she has you!

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