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Theme: I AM FOUR! Day #2

on August 20, 2014

Starting with a disclaimer here. This was my first time doing “Girl’s Club” (at least in the last twenty something years), so bear with me as I adjust to the schedule and the learning styles of these wonderful little chicks.

They signed in when they got there, I guess the whole line thing is a little ways off, but everyone can write and recognized their name. They also scrambled and rearranged their names with magnetic letters. When Pooh’s scrambled name made a real word, they all got into it and had more fun with the nonsense words.

2014-08-20 00.37.21 (2)

 We sang “Kindness Begins With Me” and had a prayer. We sang some other fun songs and looked at the calendar for Pooh’s birthday. I wracked my brain for a scripture story with 4 in it and finally remembered that when Neberkenezer looked in the firey furnace he saw four people, so we had the flannel board story about Shadrach, etc. I knew they heard it in  Sunbeams, but was surprised how well they remembered it. We did some get up and move songs.

 2014-08-20 01.27.24 (2)  2014-08-20 01.33.58 (2)   

I found  this counting book at the library that went perfectly with the theme and then we took a break. I had visions of “four ants on a log” with celery, peanut butter and raisins, but the chicks nixed the celery. Only Uniqua and I wanted raisins, but they got counted anyway. They were anxious to get outdoors.

2014-08-20 01.21.19 (2)

The chicks sorted animals that had four legs from those with two or six. The gorilla was a challenge, Hmmm- arms or legs?2014-08-20 01.46.58 (2)

We revisited the squares, rectangles and diamonds with some Popsicle stick and foam artwork that I forgot to photograph.

We also did some cutting and pasting of squares and practiced a four color pattern on bracelets. Four pieced puzzles weren’t such a hit, but they really liked turning four colors of play-dough into four new colors. We made orange, green, purple and pink from red, yellow, blue and white. The colors were surprisingly true. Kudos to the play-dough people.

2014-08-20 02.10.09 (2)2014-08-20 02.23.18 (2)

There was more outdoor time — These pictures show the chicks in the tree being cautioned by the one on the ground. “But monkeys love to climb trees!”

2014-08-20 01.39.21 (2)2014-08-20 01.39.15 (2)

Lots of things I’d planned to do didn’t happen, but hopefully, Nanny’s house will run better next week.


One response to “Theme: I AM FOUR! Day #2

  1. Wow! You covered a lot!! Uniqua had a blast.

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