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I am Four- Day 3

on August 22, 2014

I had some anxiety about doing Girls Club with a new born and a crazy 2 year old at home.  I had help though, and it went well. Too bad I can’t have an assistant every time!  The girls came in and practiced writing their name and the date in their journals.


For our opening activity I had put sticker dots of varying amounts on blocks.  The chicks had to find the blocks that had 4 dots, not all of them were all in a row or all on one side.




I was searching for books on Amazon and came across this book, “Four is a little, four is a lot.”  It must be out of print because there were only 4 available starting at $50!  Fortunately there are pages I could view from the book with 3 or 4 different comparisons so I just “read” the pages that are there in the preview.  It’s a really cute book, 4 is a little when you have 4 blue berries.  4 is a lot when you have 4 watermelons…  After that we talked about when 4 is a lot and when it is a little, then we made cupcakes (I had some leftover batter.)  I let them add 4 M&Ms in their cupcakes.  They decided that 4 M&Ms is a little.  



After some free play we watched this cute Feist on Sesame Street song/video.


Then we counted to 4 in different languages, including Spanish, Hawaiian, Samoan, Chinese and English.


I got out the sensory bowl and had them look for things that had four of something.  A chair with 4 legs, a lego with 4 circles, a pony with 4 legs, a car…





After lunch, for 4 chicken nuggets,  I frosted their cupcakes and they each got 4 candles.  We lit the candles and sang happy birthday since they are all 4, almost.  (Pooh’s birthday is tomorrow)





2 responses to “I am Four- Day 3

  1. Love the cupcakes…and the counting in different languages!

  2. Ahhh! She’s using her right hand! Thank you 🙂

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