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When I was a Baby… – Day 1

on August 25, 2014

The other aunties (and Nanny) must have done a good job setting the routine last week because the chicks knew just what to do.  They came in and did our morning activities.  I had cups, dried beans, and measuring cups.  I had them scoop the beans into the cups and count how many scoops it took to get to the line marked on the cup.  I showed them that the measuring cups needed to be filled to the top, just like when we bake.

When they were done here, they moved through the rest of their morning routine.  We talked about what it was like when they were babies, what they were able to do and what they needed help with.  We compared Pooh’s brand new baby brother with Uniqua’s 18 month old sister.  I showed them pictures of themselves and their moms and siblings as babies.  They had fun with that.  Of course, they wanted to see more pictures of themselves.

The chicks mentioned that babies can’t talk yet.  We talked about other ways to communicate when babies need something, crying, pointing, and sign language. I taught the chicks a few signs last year, so we reviewed them.  They remembered a lot of them.  (I forgot to take pictures for most of the morning).

This was one of their books for today.  In the story, Titch outgrows his clothes and gets hand-me-downs that don’t quite fit him.  At the end of the story, his mom has a new baby and he hands his clothes down to her.


After a little snack and break, we crawled like a baby would crawl.  We used this to practice our position words.  They went down the hall, through Hal’s room and the bathroom, out the bathroom door, under the table, over a chair, and around the couch.  They couldn’t get enough so we did this for a while.


Hal’s dad needed a ride to work today so we worked in a field trip to the hospital.  Since this was a last minute add in, the hospital wasn’t ready for us.  We just did an informal tour.  I showed them where their mom’s went when they were born.  We looked at the waiting room.  I showed them the bassinet that the babies sleep in while they’re in the hospital.  Pooh’s brother is only a few weeks old so this was very familiar to her.



I think the view was their favorite part.



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