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Living/Non-living: Day 2

on September 5, 2014

I was so excited about this theme. I’ve been prepping for this theme for a few weeks.  This is our 3 year we’ve started a girls’ club garden.  Unfortunately I don’t have a green thumb so they haven’t been very successful.

I started the chicks out with these file folder games that I downloaded here.  I love this blog.  Lots of good ideas.  Uniqua is matching lower and uppercase letters, Pooh is counting the number of seeds on each watermelon and matching it to the number on the rind, and Hal is matching the flower to the corresponding color word.  I love these because even if they don’t totally understand what they’re doing, they can work through it mostly on their own.  The activities are great for thier confidence.


After we finished the rest of our morning routine, we started our discussion about living and non-living things.  Aunty Corie must have done a great job, because they had a really good understanding of living/non-living.


We then discussed  seeds.  They came up with reasons why they thought it was living and non-living.  I explained that seed are living, but that they are dormant (new vocab word).  I showed them an avocado seed that I sprouted suspended in a jar of water.  Then they could all agree that it was alive.

After everything was clear, I confused them again and showed them yeast.  Even though we’ve used it several times before, they were sure the yeast wasn’t alive.  We put a little yeast in each of their bags with a little sugar and warm water.  (We were supposed to have a control with only yeast and another with yeast and water, but these chicks don’t work like that).  They placed the bags in the sun and waited.  They were so excited to see the bags inflating.  They figured out on their own that the yeast was eating the sugar.  We also discussed the breathing and the gas production.   Laughs all around.


Of course we had to bake with yeast.


While we waited for our dough to rise, we went outside to plant our garden.  I moved my planter bed to the front yard so it would get more sunlight.  Cross our fingers.  Uniqua’s sister joined us.  She’s so fun.  The chicks also planted their own herb garden to take home and care for themselves.


After all that work the chicks were ready to go back in to check their yeast and take a break.


Their poses are getting better.


One response to “Living/Non-living: Day 2

  1. They always pose for you 🙂

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