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Chores: Day 2

on September 10, 2014

The Chicks arrived early and late so we did things a little out of order. I wanted to push the helping-hands slant to chores, so we started putting hand prints on aprons while we waited and we also started coloring the plates on place mats. Papa  2014-09-10 09.25.38

We sang “Quickly I’ll Obey” and “When We’re Helping We’re Happy” to begin the indoctrination reinforce the theme. They shared what they learned on Monday and we reviewed the “ch” words they’d already covered. We worked on the sight words “I” and “can” and they took turns making and reading sentences with pictures of chores. We were able to then move to magnetic letters to spell the “I can” and add more chores.                         2014-09-10 01.47.06. 2014-09-10 01.47.12

We were able to combine cut, paste and writing as they entered “I can” sentences in their journals. They read them,too.

2014-09-10 01.49.01 2014-09-10 01.48.532014-09-10 01.46.47

The chicks did a great job of dusting my living room–not that it needed it…much.

2014-09-10 01.53.31 2014-09-10 01.53.25 2014-09-10 01.53.20

In the course of the day, we read two books. Although pigs took a bad wrap with this theme, I love Piggybook  for it’s message about everybody helping out and the cover speaks volumes. We also read Tidy Titch and they were thrilled to see Titch again (see “Babies- Day 1”).

2014-09-10 03.56.19 2014-09-10 03.56.03

With their place mats laminated, the chicks practiced setting the table for fun and again for lunch.

2014-09-10 02.28.51 2014-09-10 02.28.59 2014-09-10 02.28.43 2014-09-10 02.28.26 xDisney-Moments-Mary-Poppins-

While they ate lunch we watched Mary Poppins’ “Spoonful of Sugar” take on doing chores.

Here’s a final pic of the chicks in their “helping hands” aprons.

2014-09-10 02.48.012014-09-10 02.48.10


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  1. Okay…I’m ready to just throw in the towel and pay you to teach her everyday.

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