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I have chores-day 3

on September 12, 2014

My 6 week old baby wasn’t cooperating so we had a lot of play time today.  No one complained.  For our opening activity we played a memory game.  I just printed pictures of chores on card stock and cut it into squares.





Then we watched a video on tumble books.  It was a story about a pig that likes things clean but his chores are to make things messy.


After that, I gave them each a bin and sent them to the play room to get some dishes, then they went outside and “washed” dishes.  They each had a sponge and a bin of water and a little dish soap.  That kept them busy for a while.  We talked a little about dish washers, Pooh said we have one (we don’t).  She said “the one down stairs,” : )  “That one is only for clothes.”IMG_6287

I had gone to the grocery store that morning and purposely left non-perishables in the car so they could do another chore, bringing in and putting away groceries!


IMG_6289Making meals, or desserts : ) can also be a chore so we made lemon blossoms.  They did really well with the eggs, Uniqua’s first try missed the cup but the second time she did good.

IMG_6292 IMG_6293After that baby really wasn’t cooperating so more playing!


2 responses to “I have chores-day 3

  1. LOL @ the egg that missed the cup 🙂 We should make washing play dishes a regular activity. They would love it.

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