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Ocean-Day 1

on September 15, 2014

The timing for this theme couldn’t have been more perfect.  It has been unbearably hot lately and nothing sounded better than a beach day.  I tried my best to do some teaching while we were there.  Before I lost them to the ocean, we signed in on the sand.  Pooh did really well, but I had to blot out her real name.


While I had there attention writing in the sand, we reviewed the “ch” sound.


At this point they were ready to jump in the water.  I made underwater ocean viewers out of empty OJ bottles.  I found this brilliant idea here.  They were so easy to make and they worked really well.   Pooh was a little timid in the water so I couldn’t get a picture of her while I was holding her hand.

IMG_4198 IMG_4199

We played with the colander for a little while and used it to sift shells.  Then it became a pan for sand pies.

IMG_4200 IMG_4201

Lunch was hot dogs, carrots, and goldfish crackers, of course.


More swimming and we left with one last picture. (Idea from here).



2 responses to “Ocean-Day 1

  1. Ha! i love the sand picture!

  2. Uniqua was so excited about the faces in the sand. And the viewers came out so good!

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